How Do WordPress Tags Help SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process by which your website is altered or created in such a way that it attracts more traffic and is ranked higher on the search engine’s list. In order to make your blog or website search engine friendly, you need to have the required set of search keywords, few times in your content.

When you use WordPress to create your website, the software uses both categories and tags for search engine optimisation.  This helps to sort your website content and make them much easier to be accessible by your readers.


These are used to classify your content into a broad group. When someone searching for some content enters your website, they will be able to narrow down their search by using the categories. It enables them to understand what the website is really about and what are the various aspects covered in the content.


These are more specific than categories. They are more like index words, which refer to something very specific, like an event. This is categorising your content further and making it more specific.


To understand the difference better, here is an example. If you website has content about leisure, music, dance, books and movies will be categories while the name of a particular song, movie, singer or director will be a tag. This will narrow down your search further.

Is Your WordPress Site Search Engine Friendly

In order to make your website or blog more user friendly and rank higher on the search engines’ rakings, here are a few things to be taken care of:

  • Categorise your content well. Ensure there is clarity and the reader can find what is required, without wasting much time.
  • Use proper tags that really describe the event or the page. Tags should be more specific than your categories.
  • There are no particular number of categories for you to have n=but it is always advisable to have many categories and sub categories, to make your blog/ website more user friendly.
  • There is no need to use sub categories if you are using specific tags. Tags are more specific and help to filter your content.
  • Ensure your blog or site does not have duplicate content. When there is duplicate content in blogs, Google and other search engines accept it and don’t flag it like before. However, sites with duplicate content are pushed to lower ranks while the original is given the higher position.
  • Ensure the content presented to readers is what you want your readers to see. You may have finalised on the content but when WordPress publishes it, you should go through the page to ensure if it presented the way you intended it to. Though content is very important, the way it is presented is also very important for SEO.

Does WordPress Really Help In SEO?

WordPress creates tags and categories to keep your content structured. Sometime, it is not enough. There are a few more things to be done from your end to ensure your website has effective SEO.


WordPress uses HTML coding to ensure your content does not show duplicate content. When your site has duplicate content, it slips down in the ranking and hence does not show up as the first few results when a relevant search keyword is entered.


Noindex is used to ensure the tags and titles don’t look like duplicate content on your website. This option prevents the tags and titles from being indexed, thus preventing duplication. This is because many can use the same tag to explain their content, titles could also be the same while the content is totally different.

When these tags or titles are indexed, the search engine sees them and filters out the duplicate sites. When it is not indexed, the search engine only sees the content in your article or website.

Does WordPress harm Your SEO?

When you are a blogger who writes without paying much heed to the tags created and used in WordPress, it can really affect the popularity of your site. If you are writing about travelling to the Alps, you will not be the only one writing about it.

WordPress tags will only create the most obvious tags, which will coincide with tags used by other writers too. If you want your content to be noticed and ranked higher rather than be discarded as duplicate, you need to manage the tags effectively.