Web hosting expired: what to do

Oh No! My Web Hosting Account Expired! Now What About My Data?

It is indeed a great feeling to own your own custom domain. Most serious bloggers, writers and online business owners showcase their work on customized domains. There are a number of hosting companies which offer a variety of hosting plans to suit every pocket. Although customized web hosting requires more effort than free to use, standardised domains, the benefits of a customized domain are many.

Why go for a customised domain?

What are the advantages of a customized domain? A customized domain takes away most of the limitations of standard domains and gives you more control over your website. It allows you to tailor the website to meet your needs and also to satisfy the requirements of the visitors to your site.

A custom domain name also adds a note of professionalism and lends a certain amount of credibility and authoritativeness to your blog or business. Anyone who has used standard domains for extended periods of time would surely have considered moving onto a customised domain sometime in the future.

No doubt a custom domain is great, but I no longer want one. What should I do?

At times, however, you might decide to not continue with your web hosting account. Therefore you might want to shut it down. In an ideal scenario, you would have taken backups of all your data, you would have paid all your dues to the hosting company and informed them that you will no longer be needing their services.

But often what happens is that the user simply allows the hosting account to expire. Generally, most hosting companies tend to send alerts about the expiry date, prompting users to extend their account with them. But if you fail to respond to these reminders, then the company will eventually shut down your account.

Depending on the hosting company’s policy, they may have a backup of your data, which they will continue to retain for a week or 30 days. The amount of time that hosting companies will hold on to your files varies from one company to another. In case you suddenly wake up and realise that you might have possibly lost your data forever, and you desperately want it back, then you will need to contact the support team of the hosting company.