I’m Thomas, I won’t bore you with my background story. The only thing you need to know is that this site grew out of a necessity to help out the growing number of young people wanting to get involved with Youth Ministry… A lot of people don’t really know where to actually start, what it is, stands for, where do you get your youth ministry ideas and lessons from, etc.

The main problem in today’s evolving whirlwind of technology and society, is that faith has become a bit boring to a lot of people… people don’t need another sermon, they need creative spaces, active (youth) bible lessons and a couple of awesome youth ministry activities to renew/empower their faith in God. They want to be shown, want to feel His grace!

Thus, this site was born to help the youth leaders of today, light the way a bit so it makes it easier for them to help other students come to know and follow Jesus.

This is about long-term faith, about doing God’s work in your daily life, and inspire others to do the same.

It’s Not Easy!

It’s not easy finding the right youth ministry lessons and ideas, not easy find really inspiring bible lessons that give you more than a vague text… I’ve been there… took me ages to find the right resources that actually gave me an actionable plan!

When you google anything related to free youth ministry ideas or lessons, initially you’re presented with a LOT of sites showcasing a database of free stuff… and it’s great… until you start going through them, losing hours of precious time searching for a couple of good lessons you can use. If you’re up for it, feel free to do that, though I personally recommend checking out Christian Teen World!

Their lessons are the ones I ended up going with, sure I costs a little, but I’ve got teacher outlines, student outlines, pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and much much more… basically everything I need in one beautiful package. So I’ve got more time to actually spread His word!

Definitely have a look if you’re interested!

That being said, enjoy the site, have a look around, and be sure to check back as the site will grow over time, with new resources, ideas, articles, etc.

Cheerfully in Christ,
Thomas Walker